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What are your floors saying about you?

We provide Floor, Grout, Brick and Concrete Cleaning services in Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA.

Nothing in your home or business gets more abuse than your floors. And while there are plenty of products and services out there to help you maintain your carpeting, what can you do about your tile & grout and other hard surfaces?

The surface of your tile floor can be challenging enough, but your real enemy is that thin line of grout between each tile. Recessed below the surface of the tile, grout lines eagerly collect every particle of dirt that falls into their trap. Over time, the combination of dirt, food particles, water, and spilled beverages form a thick, smelly layer of gunk. Grout lines that once were white, now show only black. Worse yet, bacteria festers and flourishes there, causing odors to permeate the air, making it stale, mildly rank, or even flat-out repulsive.

Traditional cleaning methods simply don't work.

They usually make the problem worse. Mops push more dirt into recessed grout lines. Meanwhile, commercial floor cleaning machines are stuck on the surface of the tile, unable to even touch the grime that's buried in the grout lines.

In fact, before now, the only way you could remove this grime was to get down on your hands and knees with a brush and tediously scrub away at it. Not very effective, and certainly not very easy. And while you either struggle to deal with the problem or ignore it, guests in your home or business are noticing.

The condition of your tile & grout obviously affects the appearance of your residence or business, but it can also affect the smell of the air, your health, and the perceptions that people have about where you live or work.

FINALLY, there's an affordable, effective solution to dirty tile & grout floors and other hard surfaces!

With the use of highly specialized, patented equipment and years of industry experience, Advanced Cleaning & Restoration has helped countless area residents and businesses keep their tile clean, healthy, and beautiful!

And with the best guarantee in the industry, you simply can not go wrong...

The Advanced Cleaning & Restoration 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If you're not absolutely thrilled with the results of our work, we will do it again at no cost. And if you're still not completely satisfied,
we won't charge you a penny for any of the work you're not satisfied with. Guaranteed!

We specialize in floor, hard surface and grout cleaning including brick, tile, and concrete in Lancaster and Harrisburg, as well as other surrounding areas.

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In addition to the evaluation, we'll provide a written quote and explain exactly what needs to be done to achieve the results you're looking for. Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee is included in writing, right along with our no-surprises, maximum-value pricing. Call us today at 717-489-0270 or 800-934-0102.

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