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Tile Cleaning & How it Works

What’s The Secret To Our Breakthrough System?

First, hard-surface cleaning and restoration is all we do. Years of specialization have led to in-depth knowledge of how to properly clean a wide variety of surfaces, from natural stones like slate and marble, to man-made materials like ceramic tile, VCT and even concrete. In addition, we use equipment that is specifically engineered to quickly and effectively clean hard surfaces and recessed grout lines.

A combination of properly pH-balanced cleaning solutions, high pressure water (up to 3000 psi) and high heat (up to 240ºF), tightly contained within a mess-free dome, powers away years of dirt, grime, grease and slime. It also kills bacteria, sanitizes your floors, and destroys foul odors. You’re left with a floor that is truly clean enough to eat off of!

Free No-Pressure, No-Obligation Floor Evaluation

The Advanced Cleaning & Restoration team is proud to offer our no-pressure, no-obligation floor evaluation. We offer this evaluation to floor types. Contact Us Today!

Our Four Step Process with Optional Sealing

Pre-Treatment: We carefully pre-spray your floor with a pH-balanced solution that is specific to the material it’s made of. This solution assists to break down the dirt, grease, food and more that have built up over time.

High Water Pressure: Delivered directly to your floor and carefully contained within a 12″ wide dome, water is forced at high pressure (up to 3000 psi) onto hard surface areas. This breaks apart and lifts the dirt, grease and grime.

High Temperature Water: Our equipment doesn’t only utilize high pressure, but it also heats the water up to a temperature of 240ºF, a key aid in loosening and breaking down soil. The extreme heat also sanitizes surfaces, effectively destroying odor-causing bacteria.

Vacuum: With our equipment, there is no mess. As soon as clean high-temperature water is jetted onto your floor, it’s immediately removed through a high velocity vacuum hose attached directly to the 12″ wide dome that contains the entire process.

Optional Sealant: For added protection, we can add a sealant to your tile and grout that will help to keep spills and stains from setting in. Of course, you’ll still want to clean up any spills right away. But a sealant will give you a layer of protection as well as peace of mind.

How much does it cost to deep-clean and restore your tile & grout or other hard surfaces?

There are a number of factors to consider, including the type of floor, its condition, and the amount of floor area to be cleaned. Due to the number of variables involved, we must perform an evaluation before we can give an accurate price quote. However, many of our commercial clients find the service to be economical enough to have it done as often as every 3 months, while many of our residential clients enjoy an annual deep cleaning.

Please note that we only offer a quote after a thorough evaluation. Beware of tile cleaning companies that will quote you over the phone. A professional, ethical tile cleaning company won’t be able to supply an accurate quote without knowing exactly how much work will be involved. Some tile cleaners may tell you otherwise, but proceed with caution. Unfortunately, low-price “bait and switch” is an all-too-common tactic in the floor-cleaning industry.